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Hacker News CLI

Latest Hacker News stories from the comfort of the command line

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I was looking for an excuse to try out Lumo's build api, and have a crack at building a CLI tool. As I periodically peruse Hacker News stories, I thought it'd be fun to provide a tool to quickly check the latest from the command line. Even though there are more fully featured CLI's out there, it was fun to build.


  • ClojureScript
  • Lumo
  • Hacker News API
Default view

Default view showing "Top stories", along with author, time, and comment count.

Compact view

The command hcknws -d compact shows just the title and comment count on one line for a more condensed view.

Help menu

The command hcknws -h displays usage, options, and examples.

Alternative theme for light backgrounds

The command hcknws -t light changes the colours for light backgrounds.

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